Reasons Behind NABBI’s Formation

The training, regulations, laws and compliance issues differ greatly from state to state. As such, each member of our industry face multiple issues dealing with not only the compliance within their states, but the training requirements and who is responsible for their implementation.

Having a professional image is a very major part of our business. Different forms of media and the legal community have formed a wide variety of images and opinions relating to our industry. Many of these images are quite unacceptable and opposite of the true character we, as Bail Bond Professionals, embody.

It is the responsibility of the members that have been in this business for many years to instill the importance of training and professional character in each of the new entrants. To that end, NABBI is committed to the end. This commitment is the main reason NABBI was established.

To pass to the future industry members a very real sense of purpose from a professional standpoint; to give each new member a goal to aim for, a level of training and acceptance within the legal community that will carry them further and garner the attention of not only the legal community but also the general public at large.

NABBI’s goal is to provide training to ensure our industry is represented by true professionals; NABBI Members exemplify professionalism by reflecting and enforcing our “code of ethics”; which, each member adheres to in all aspects their field of endeavor.